Sign up and onboarding – Details – copy

Sign up and onboarding is an evolving process that will be changed and refined over the first few weeks, and months, after the launch of Nova. Updates will be made on this page, as needed.

Note: This is a detailed run-through of the technical aspects of onboarding. For a general overview see this page.

Quadrotech led onboarding

This process is called Quadrotech led onboarding.

Over the next few weeks and months we will introduce:

    • Partner led onboarding
    • Customer led onboarding

The whole process involves multiple steps. It is essential to make sure that each step is complete before moving on to the next step.

If a step is not able to be completed successfully, raise an issue in Teams.

The process makes the following assumptions:

    • The accounts invited to the tenant have a fully functioning mailbox associated with them.
    • This process only covers users identities that are newly invited into the Quadrotech environment.
      • Existing identities (from previous engagements with Quadrotech) will require a different process which needs to be driven by Quadrotech CET.
    • The invite process only describes the invitation of the first end customer account.
      • Other accounts which the customer may wish to add (with appropriate roles) are managed by the customer.

Step 1

The customer organization is created in TMS.

If the customer wants Delegation & Policy Control contact Martin Svancarek. Martin will need:

    • The OrgID for the tenant. This is in the URL for the tenant:

    • Which region is needed (US or EU)
    • The name of the tenant
    • An invitation for Martin to join the tenant as System Administrator

Refer to the DPC backend hierarchy training for more information. If this is a single tenant for a customer then the OrgID of the tenant itself is needed. If this is a partner or a customer with multiple tenants, it will probably need to be the OrgID from a higher level of the tree structure. Remember a DPC backend can not be nested under a DPC backend.

This steps only needs to be done for new deployments. Adding tenants to an already deployed DPC backend is automated.

When the organization is added to TMS it means that you will be the first System Administrator in the new organization.

Step 2

Quadrotech lead account will logon to the Nova portal, where they will invite the first customer account. They’ll give the account appropriate roles.

The customer account will get two emails.

First email

When there are no other users associated with the tenant (which should be the case since the tenant was just created) the customer-user receives an email inviting them to associate.

The email looks like this:

Second email

This email invites the specific user.

The email looks like this:

The customer can now logon to the platform, but will not have access to anything.

Step 3

The first real customer-administrator-user logs in to the Nova portal. The user will be prompted to accept the Enterprise Application for the tenant. This is related to QTID.

Once logged in, the tenant should show as connected in TMS.

Step 4

Add appropriate subscriptions, based on the customer’s needs.

Subscriptions can be seen on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab:

Once you have completed the on boarding of both the customer container and DPC DB, then you will need to authorise the licensing of the products the customer has bought or will a trial.

The licensing for the product will be one (or more) of the following

A trial license for either (trial licenses are by default licensed for a month):

    • DPC
    • Service monitor
    • Reporting
    • Adoption Accelerator

Or a production license

    • DPC
    • Service monitor
    • Reporting
    • Adoption Accelerator

Delegation & Policy Control can operate in trial mode. See more here.

Step 5

Around 30 minutes after configuring DPC you will be able to perform the remainder of the configuration. This includes:

    • Authorizing the application (so we can use the Graph API)

    • Adding a service account (so we can use PowerShell)
    • Helping the customer configure their dashboard
    • Inviting other users with other roles, from the customer organization
    • Setting up policies

Global Administrator role During the setup process, we’ll need the email address of the Microsoft Global Administrator that is part of the tenant environment being set up in Nova. The GA account needs to have a mailbox, so the QTID (Quadrotech Identity, which is used to authenticate and access Nova) piece can be set up. The GA email address also needs to be able to accept incoming emails.

Remember to review the jobs within DPC. In a small tenant the jobs will run to do an initial data collection, and they’ll execute quickly. For a large tenant these jobs may take some time.

Will this change?

We hope so, yes!  As we gain experience and see how customers interact with Nova, and what their wants and needs are on day 1 and on subsequent days, we hope to automate and improve this process and to introduce:

    • Partner led onboarding
    • Customer led onboarding