Story – Privileged access tasks

User Story

A customer has a team of highly skilled administrators that are performing onboarding of users into their Office 365 tenants.

2x Global Administrators

Creating a user, adding to appropriate groups, Microsoft Teams and so on takes approximately 15 minutes.

User creation



Cost per hour

Time spent

(per day)

Number of people

Global Administrator role holder


30 minutes

(Onboarding of 2 users)




    • Realise a significant reduction in time for the high skill, high cost resources which could be delegated to lower skill and lower cost resources to manage
    • Achieving an effective saving in cost, and realising more available time for the high skill individuals.


If we take this scenario, we notice a few things:

  • The tasks are repeated many times per week, eg 20. That’s as many as 1000 per year
  • The tasks require a high level of privilege on the Office 365 tenants, but really are not highly skilled tasks.
  • In this example over 500 hours per year is spent performing the onboarding task. That’s over $20,000.

With Nova

The primary product being used is Delegation & Policy Control.

If envisage a one-time cost to build and test an appropriate authorization policy of $500.

If we also predict that the annual cost of Nova is $75000.

We can predict a significant part of this ($20k) is paid for by delegating this ONE task.


The values used in this story are approximations.

Real world values can be used in the ROI Calculator (See the main Nova page for a link)