Key questions to ask

When starting to consider deploying Nova to/for a customer, there are several key questions that need to be asked, and understood, before the onboarding can take place.

If these questions and answers are not understand, the deployment will be prone to errors, and delays, ultimately giving the customer / prospect a very poor experience.

Ask about the tenant structure.

  • Does the company have more than one Office 365 tenant that they want to add into Nova?
  • Does the company expect to perform acquisitions and those tenants would require management, before migration?
  • Are there any external companies that this company is providing support for?

Capture the names of tenants that are involved in the deployment along with which tenant will be the main/root tenant.

Capture names/email addresses of system administrators. There is one main account which will be the first system administrator. That user technically doesn’t need to have any kind of global administrator rights in the corresponding Office 365 tenant. It will be that account which will invite other users/administrators into Nova.

Find out about the Quadrotech history.

  • Does the customer have any other service, or had any other service in the past, such as Radar or Autopilot?
  • Do they have any email addresses registered in QTID?
  • Does the customer have any known restrictions on receiving email? (eg for receiving the invitations from TMS)
  • Does the customer have multiple aliases that they use for email?

Additional Profiling Questions

So given first we need to understand who the customer is , as this alter the approach we would addopt for Nova and its use. we need to undertstand itiall the customer profile that the customer best fits for Nova.

As Nova adoption process needs to be holistic in approach. We profile the customer to understand which profile the customer best fits.

  • End customer – small/medium
  • End customer – multi national
  • Partner/Service Provider
  • Reseller
  • Integrator/Resale / White label
  • OEM
  • Aggregator/Consultancy – e.g. does not operate as an MSP but recommends/uses tools.

Or possibly a profile we have not thought about.

Verticals the customers work in

  • Education
  • Military/security
  • Banking
  • Commercial/manufacturing
  • Health

End customer

Your current office 365 estate

  • Does  your tenant estate change often
  • g. how many tenants
  • Do you grow by acquisition
  • Is divesture part of your business model
  • Is one of your typical models of growth  to acquisition and then consolidation
    • Or just acquisition

Partner customer

Your current office 365 estate

  • Do you acquire new Service manged customer regularly
  • What is typical size of your managed customers you acquire
  • How many managed seats of O365 do you have
  • how does your service onboarding work, is it highly manual?
  • How do you keep your customers “sticky”, e.g. they stay with you and regular contact

Service profile customer

eg MSP/CSP partner

  • Do you have services architect – eg someone who maps your capability to a managed service offering
    • We can manage o365 groups for you
  • What do you consider be your service differentiators over your competition E.g we have this special service we offer

Service profile distributor

 Nova container term

  • Eg some one who resells licenses, has no services to speak of (now rememeber this is difficult value add, but we are trying to find out who they are not what we can do to help them)
  • Do you have admin access to customer tenants ?
  • Do you provide any paid for services to your customers
  • Do you provide any unpaid for services  to customers (eg Do reports?, simple very basic reports, mailbox count )

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