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We needed a place to provide everyone with relevant information around Archive Shuttle, and of course with the information being sensitive and internal only (unless a piece of material indicates otherwise) this site was our best choice. Take a look at the material we’ve gathered together. Not everything is complete yet, so make sure that you check back frequently. If you have a need for something, ask in Teams. If you’re creating something that isn’t on this list, tell us in Teams!

Employee Readiness

Employee resources:

  • Architecture diagrams. A SharePoint document containing all of our diagrams can be found here.
  • Archive Shuttle Compatibility Guide. Click here.
  • Documentation is located here (Administration Guide, Planning Guide, 1-page guides, Release Notes, etc.)
  • Development efforts can be found in Azure DevOps (for those who have access)
  • Courses are located here (there is currently only one course–Considerations when migrating legacy archives)
  • A Teams Wiki contains information about who’s knowledgeable about various features, future release dates, etc.
  • Some video demonstrations are available in Stream

A best practices guide for using the Native Format Import module has been developed by Erik Matis (CET).

What is Archive Shuttle Cloud?

Archive Shuttle Cloud (or AS.c) is a hosted version of our solution. It is identical in every way except deployment and currently is the primary method of our delivery of our solution.
It has enabled us to start migrations quicker than the competition and change the way legacy archive migrations are done in the industry.

Detailed information about Archive Shuttle PowerShell

A great deal of information has been collected about Archive Shuttle PowerShell and is available below.

Internal guides/manuals

Using EV SMTP archiving. Click here.

SourceOne PST Import. Click here.

Release dates

Archive Shuttle 10

August 17th 2020

For FE/CET, current active progress can always be seen in ADO under the AS queries page but please keep in mind this is internal information and is subject to change at any given moment.

Please use extreme digression when sharing this information external to QT.

Knowledgeable People

To find colleagues who have knowledge on particular sources and targets, click here.

Additional knowledge repositories

Click here for a list of additional knowledge repositories you might find useful, including Teams, OneNote and other channels.


Take a look at this technology comparison with Archive360 versus Archive Shuttle. Now resides in HighSpot.

Checklists are helpful when you need to run through an environment check.

What to do when ….. (click here)

Delivery On-boarding. This is now available and in need of comments and updates where applicable. Click here

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