Nova Freemium

Freemium” – where the partner wants to run a short trial of the Nova platform and agrees to engage in being self-sufficient.

The trial is subject to the following conditions:

  • Trial will be for 2 weeks, maximum a month.
  • On-boarding a Microsoft demo tenant in “DPC trial mode” (this means no actions taken from DPC actually change anything in the tenant)

Some of the links on this page go to the Partner Portal. A Quadrotech employee can sign into that using QTID. After signing in for the first time, reach out to the training team who will raise your access level so that the video (and other) content will be accessible.

Delivery of Freemium – A summary

  1. Enablement training delivered from the training portal on Nova
  2. Training for three use cases representing the following Nova services
    • Reporting // See training video here
    • Delegation & Policy Control – Licensing Delegation.
    • Adoption Accelerator // See training video here
  1. On-boarding of the tenant and Nova services (Performed by CET)
  2. At the completion of the trial, sales engagement to define next steps
    • This would consist of a formal review meeting of objectives
    • Definition of pass or fail


The following steps should be completed in order. Steps should not be skipped. For example, do not proceed to giving the prospect access to the tenant until they have completed the training.


Establish contact – sales/Pre-Sales/CSM

    1. Pre-qualification question in email. (link?)
    2. Prospect needs to create QTID. (link of how to do this?)
    3. QT sends instruction to do training (suggested text?)
    4. Prospect should come back after doing the training (confirm with training team that this has been done)


Suggested training:


Obtain Microsoft demo tenant

Suggestion is to use Enterprise tenant.


Raise ticket to onboard tenant into Nova

Tell the prospect to do this, and, provide their QT contact the information about the tenant, and the global administrator account for the tenant.

QT contact does this step.

Unanswered questions:

  1. What should the email look like / contain ?


CET onboards the tenant

The following services are enabled:

  • Reporting
  • Delegation and Policy Control

Trial license are added for those services.


Unanswered questions:

    1. As part of the enrollment, we can restrict the user so they can’t log on.  Example: remove all roles from the on boarding account? Example: gatekeeper to make them do the training


Perform the steps in the trial

Prospect should go to the page on the Partner Portal and complete the steps for the trial.

    1. How to invite users – step by step
    2. Assigning roles and what each role is for – step by step
    3. Use case videos
      1. DPC delegation of admin to licensing // See Training Video Here
      2. Create an AA campaign // Video Here 
      3. Create a custom report // See Training Video Here


Perform any additional testing

Prospect can perform any additional testing and validation.

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