Communication Guidelines

Welcome to the Nova Communication Guidelines

On the 28th August Nova will take its place on our website and become public knowledge.  In discussing Nova or communicating it to prospects, customers and partners there are five important points we would like you to keep in mind: 

Nova is a platform that delivers a number of subscription services and not all of those services will be available immediately.   Nova Reporting, DPC and Adoption Accelerator will be available on the 28th. 

We are describing the 28th as an introduction rather than a launch.  This is because we will be transitioning the Radar customer base over the next few months to manage the demand for our services.  

As both Nova and Radar are SaaS software there is no ‘upgrade’ but each customer will require some assistance and this needs to scheduled.

Customers will be notified of the availability of Nova and changes to the web and there will be a highly visible sidebar button on the website for Radar customers. 

When you want to describe Nova this text, adapted from the product brochure, is a great start:

Nova is a platform of integrated services for Office 365 management. Whether you have one tenant or hundreds, Nova enables you to gain deeper operational control and visibility of your environment, while removing a significant load from IT through sophisticated automation, delegation, and policy control in one interface. 

If you want to describe Nova in more detail get familiar with the 5 pillars of Nova.   We have integrated five crucial management areas into one platform, that enables Nova to transform insights into action with the click of a button. 

You can find the 5 pillars here. 

Nova is part of our brand and needs to represented consistently.  You can find the logo and other brand assets here and guidance here (Coming soon)