Website call to action, through to deployment

On this page we’ll go through the high level steps of a (potential) customer registering their interest on the main Quadrotech website, right through to their deployment of Nova.

Customer finds form on the website

The form is very visible on many of the new and updated pages that were made live on 28th August 2019.

Customer completes the form

A few basic details are all that is needed to get the process going.

Entry created in Hubspot, automatically

Tracking of this opportunity can begin straight away because the form lands in Hubspot.

High-level validation of details are reviewed by marketing

Of course we get spam from time to time, and bad email addresses, and requests from competitors and … so on. So the first step of the process is that people in marketing do some high level validation of the details that have been entered on the form, and stored in Hubspot.

Marketing pass the information to Sales

This again all takes place in Hubspot.

Sales review, accept it as a lead, and qualification begins

Sales work with the customer

This is the process of qualifying the request with the customer. It can take a while, and involves many discussions, presentations, meetings and so on.

Work begins with presales

When Sales reach a certain point, Presales starts discussion/installation.  The discussions are more of a technical nature about how the customer will use Nova.