Cloud Commander – On-Prem to Office 365 overview

Quadrotech Cloud Commander’s Exchange Migrations leverage a proprietary process called the AIP, or the Advanced Ingestion Protocol.  This is a custom process that leverages EWS (Exchange Web Services)  Cloud Commander operates inside Microsoft Azure.  This can be hosted by customers, partners, or Quadrotech.  This allows companies to choose the right option for their project pace and security needs.

When deployed for On-Prem Exchange Migrations, the best performance is achieved with processing modules placed in the clients data centre.  This can be scaled out to meet the customers cadence demands.

Customers with EWS endpoints addressable to the internet can choose to use and Azure only deployment, however speed may be a challenge.  In some situations, like multi-geo environments, particularly in global deployments of Microsoft Exchange, a combination of the two may be helpful.

The core services are hosted inside Microsoft Azure.  The modules servers require port 443 for EWS and core communication, as well as ports 5671 and 5672 for Service Bus Communication.  The requirements for the on-prem module can be found here:

Cloud Commander will leverage a Service Account with Basic Authentication to access the on-prem Exchange Mailboxes.  Cloud Commander will leverage an Application Registration with certificate-based authentication for access to the Exchange Online Mailboxes.