Onboarding a new partner

In construction

In construction

In construction

This page shows the steps that are taken when onboarding a new partner. This all takes place in TMS, and requires a Quadrotech person with the appropriate rights on the top-most container shown in these instructions.

Note: This is for a brand new partner. The name of the partner used throughout this page is PartnerX


Create container for management

We start the process at the Partner level container in TMS.

Underneath this container are Quadrotech Partners.

You will create a new container for this new partner at this level.  The naming standard is to be confirmed.

The new container should be of type X. More on container types (link).

It is purely for management of the partner. It will not be attached to any Office 365 tenants, nor (except in special circumstances) will be DPC be deployed at this level.


Verify container

After creating the container we will have this configuration in TMS.


Create multiple containers

We will then create multiple containers for the partner.

Partner – Internal

This is where the partners Office 365 tenants will be added. DPC can be implemented at this level so that all of these tenants can be managed as one entity.

Partner – Test / Training


Partner – Customers



And more under that

We will then create multiple containers under each of those areas.

Office 365 tenants will be attached here.


Additional Notes

Take the following into consideration:

  • X
  • Y
  • Z
  • A
  • B
  • C


Take the following into consideration:

  • Where do partner system administrators get added?
  • Where can DPC deployed? If multiple options, explain.