Story – Business as usual help desk daily meeting

User Story

A customer has a structured help desk team.

The team meets every day to assess operational capability, in particular:

  • Discuss ongoing initiatives
  • Remediation / progress on any current major problems
  • Identify trends such as those around consumption of services
  • Overall health, eg number of open fault calls

1x Help desk manager

3x Help desk team leads

9x Help desk operators

Building the reports for the meeting takes each person 30 minutes each day.

Daily meeting



Cost per hour

Time spent

(per day)

Number of people

Help desk manager


30 minutes


Help desk team leader


30 minutes


Help desk operator


30 minutes



Make the report preparation time as close to zero as possible.


If we take this scenario, we notice a few things:

  • The tasks are repeated 260 times per year (maximum) per person
  • Over 1690 hours are spent building reports
  • It costs approximately $40,000 per year

With Nova

The primary product being used is reporting.

If envisage a one-time cost to build this set of reports that are used by these employees could amount to $2500.

If we also predict that the annual cost of Nova is $25000.

We can predict savings of $12,500.


The values used in this story are approximations.

Real world values can be used in the ROI Calculator (See the main Nova page for a link)