Nova Demo Request Process

Nova will keep evolving and new features will be added to it constantly. We will also continue to handle issues (bugs, missing features, ease of use issues, etc.). We are on a 2-week release cycle. This means that things will be changing every 2 weeks (and in between when we do emergency releases).  

When it comes to demos, it’s important you have all relevant data. Without the relevant data, the demo will be of low value to the attendees and it will lack focus.  

For these reasons, in the short term, we’re introducing a process for requesting a demo. If you’re familiar with this information, click here to go straight to the request form.

Phase 1

Now until approx. mid November

Due to the above limitations, only a few people will be able to present a demo. The reasoning is that we need to keep them tightly aligned with the development process. 

If you need a demo, request one via Kerry Searchfield. She will have access to all calendars, and she can assign the right person to present the demo. To request a demo, contact Kerry. If it is an urgent request (your customer is on the phone and you need to know availability right away) ping Kerry on Teams and this can be resolved as quickly as possible.  

Once the demo is scheduled, the next step is to ensure that whoever is going to be presenting the demo has all necessary information (via the request form).  

In October, we will create a series of small demo videos that can be used for sales to reference as a first step for customers. These will be broken down into small pieces that can be consumed together or individually.  

Demo resources EMEA 

Stewart Gibson, Dan Clark, Thomas Madsen  

For afternoon demo, we can also use Product owners or CTO if needed for special reason. 

Demo resources US 

Paul Robichaux, Greg Jones, Doug Davis 

In case of specific Service provider and or TMS capabilities Dan or Thomas can be utilized. 

Demo resources APAC 

We can use either of the resources. It really depends on the location of the prospect and the timezone, Kerry will work out the best option.  

Phase 2

Mid-November until End of January

By this time, we will have stabilized the the base functionality of Nova, and the components below can be demoed by all Presales resources. All requests will follow the normal process.  

The following modules will be released to Presales for demo (including training):

  • TMS  
  • Reporting  
  • Adoption Accelerator  
  • Delegation and Policy Control  
  • Governance Dashboard  
  • Public Service monitoring (Transponder public beacons) 

New modules during release will be limited and can only be demoed by the product owners. The modules will be handed over to normal Presales handling as they become stable and we have appropriate demo environment and data. Modules that would be covered by this.  

  • Service Resolution  
  • Private Beacons 
  • Security investigation  
  • Other new features  

Phase 3

Start of next year and beyond

In the middle of next year, we believe we will have enough features, stability, documentation, and knowledge within the organization that we will allow for Initial sales to drive high level demos and customer-driven demos. 

Nova Demo Request Form

To ensure we get the right demo, we need some background information. This helps to ensure we have the right person presenting the demo, which can be a balance between operational knowledge, strategy, and specific domain knowledge (like Audit). The steps are:

  1. Complete as much of the form as possible.
  2. Send it to Kerry.
  3. Kerry will arrange a meeting with you and the demo presenter. The meeting will be 60 minutes. It’s approximately 45 minutes, and 15 minutes for Q&A.
  4. You can then forward that invite to appropriate customer/partner resources.

Remember to download the appropriate form, not edit it ‘live’.

Here is a link to a Microsoft Word version of the form.

The form is also available online here.

Finally, if you are offline quite often, you can use this email template instead. (right click the link and do Save As – Only works on Windows)  The recommended approach is to save the email as a signature in Outlook. When you want to submit a request, you will start a new email and select this ‘signature’, fill it in, and send it.


Visit the Raw Q&A for more information.

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