Sign up and onboarding changes

Sign up and onboarding is an evolving process that will be changed and refined over the first few weeks, and months, after the launch of Nova. Updates will be made on this page, as needed.



Historically with Radar Reporting there was a process that allowed anyone to register their interest in the product, sign up and get going almost immediately and with no intervention or assistance.



With Nova, customers will be onboarded by us in a controlled manner. Our partners will be able to do this as well. By doing this we can see how users interact with the platform, what they like, what they need more help with, and whether particular types of customer have differing needs.

Will this change?

We hope so, yes!  As we gain experience and see how customers interact with Nova, what their wants and needs are on day 1 and on subsequent days, we hope to reintroduce self sign-up.

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If you want to see the overall flow from a potential customer registering their interest on the main website through to Pre-sales starting deployment, click here.

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